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We Sell SurfaceLogix Products

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About Us - SurfaceLogix Products Our Story!

ECO Friendly Products Our Story!

We have been using SurfaceLogix's products since 2012 and just love them. They are the best in the business. We have tried and experimented with many different but have had the best success with these products. We noticed that the lack of education from other suppliers to customers was missing and well needed so we set our services apart.

We offer education and demonstration of all SurfaceLogix products. We also offer other accessories. Box knives, paint rollers, covers, drop clothes, pine cones and more.

Give us a call and make your appointment today! (239) 344-0013.
We've loved every minute of our journey.

ECO Supplies & Services was born on a idea and savings. We want to offer customer education so they get the best results with all the products. We want to offer savings because we know that times are tough.

Our Store Is Open From
8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M. Daily, Closed Weekends!

Call and Make Your Appointment Today! Ask Questions About Our Products. Yes We Will Be Delivering Soon!

Happy Customers

We love happy customers and that is the key. Call our store with your order. Please allow 2 or 3 Business days to pick up or for us to deliver.

Accessories for sealants, Painting and Box Cutters.

Throw Away Brushes In Stock

Why Us?

Because we offer any information about all products we have. We also will match or beat our competitors prices to give you savings in every way possible. We are also hope in future to deliver all products to your job site.
Give Us A Call Today!
(239) 344-0013

We Sell Quality Paint Brushes and Other Accessories in Our Store!

5-In-1's Putty Knifes!

Five in one for roller and other painting

Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes Sold Cheap

100%  Brushes.